What is Vantage?

Vantage is a calendar app for people who like to think and understand things visually. Many of us don’t internally picture time like a flat text-laden list, but rather as a continous path stretching out ahead.

It’s also a personal calendar, in that it is optimised for helping you understand your own stuff, rather than being a meeting mediator between you and your colleagues.

And lastly, it’s just the most delightful and smoothest calendar to operate with lots of intuitive visual cues and fluid motion. We will always try to summarize the most important information, and not bombard you with all of the details all of the time.

Continue reading below to see some example of what we mean, and while the full experience does require a purchase, at any time you can download the full version for free on the App Store to take it for a spin yourself.

We’ll be bringing lots of cool stuff to our little calendar in 2019 and we really hope to see you stick around for those.