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What is Vantage?

Vantage is a calendar app that presents an easy-to-understand visual summary of your daily life, school or work projects.

It’s a personal calendar, meaning it’s optimised for helping you understand your own stuff, rather than being a meeting coordinator between you and your colleagues.

And lastly, it’s just the most delightful and smoothest calendar to operate with lots of intuitive visual cues and fluid motion.

Read on for some concrete examples on how it works.

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Stacks are a really cool way of summarizing days. It reduces clutter and visualizes how much is on your plate. The higher the stack, the more things you got planned. Tap any stack to peek it’s contents.

Integrated To-dos

To-Dos live in little notebooks right next to the main timeline. To set a due date, just drag a to-do and drop it on a date. You also get to customize your books with a pre-set book cover, or even a photo from your camera roll.



Visual cues makes long lists of stuff so much easier to read. Pick from a variety of funky color tags or stickers to let events pop or feel connected.

Search by color

Vantage lets you find events and to-dos just by the color tag or sticker you put on them. Useful for seeing all events of a certain kind - like all project deadlines - or simply if you can’t remember the name of it. Pretty cool.


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