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Who says calendars can’t be fun?

Vantage takes the mundane out of scheduling. In part because it works well and is easy to use, but also because of useful visual cues like colors, stickers, book covers and stacks. Visual cues makes understanding a long list of stuff easier, and can help you understand your daily life better. Sort of like doodles in a physical book can help you remember notes.

In the words of the App Store editors:

"Who says calendars can't be fun? Not 44, that's for sure. Want to make that meeting hot pink? Done. Got a trip coming up? Add a sticker to it. But the best part is how Vantage sorts your days into stacks so you can visualize how much is on your plate."



Stacks are a really cool way of summarizing days. It reduces clutter and visualizes how much is on your plate. The higher the stack, the more things you got planned. Tap any stack to peek its contents.


Integrated To-dos

Your calendar should have great To-Dos management. And To-Dos should appear in your calendar dates. To set a due date in Vantage, simply drag a to-do and drop it on a date. You now got a dealine.


Color Packs

We value not just doing things, but doing them in style. And we want to give you a style that suits you. That’s why Vantage comes in a selection of color packs - so that you can really get a calendar of your own.


Daily and Monthly views

Of course we got the classic two calendar views as well, the monthly overview, and the daily detailed view. And they both support editing, creating and deleting.


works great on ipad

Vantage isn’t just for your iPhone, we got one of the very best calendar apps for iPad as well.


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